TD-RE aim to ensure a smooth and quick process with accurate and well appraised schedules of dilapidations.

TD-RE schedules are in accordance with current legislation and protocol, ensuring that a tenant complies with their lease obligations and therefore minimising void periods.

When your tenant’s lease is nearing the end of the term, it is prudent to serve a costed terminal schedule of dilapidations on your tenant, normally a minimum of three months before unless the lease stipulates otherwise.

The schedule of dilapidations will list items of works that the tenant has not undertaken in accordance with the lease and is required to do so prior to lease end.  If the tenant fails to undertake the works prior to lease expiry, the tenant will have to pay the Landlords cost for the works.

Each schedule is bespoke ensuring the Landlord’s business objectives are achieved.

All dilapidation claims can ultimately end up in court.  It is therefore important to seek your Surveyor’s professional advice prior to progressing the dilapidations further.