What is a Party Wall structure?

The term ‘Party Structure’ is generic and can be defined as a wall or floor.

In this example the floor separating flats is a ‘party structure’ within the meaning of the Party wall act.  In certain circumstances works to this ‘party structure’ will require notices to be issued.  Examples of works are:-

  • Cutting into the structure
  • Chasing into the structure for pipes or cables

Excavations within 3 meters of an adjoining owner

If a building owner wants to undertake excavation works within 3 meters of an adjoining owner building is likely to require a Party Wall award.

The proposed excavation works by the building owner will need to extends to a lower level than the bottom of the adjoining owners structure for works to be notifiable under the act.


Excavations within 6 meters of an adjoining owner

When your neighbour is within 6 meters of your proposed excavation.  The excavations cut through a diagonal 45 degree from the bottom of the neighbours wall and intersect the newly proposed excavation.   These works will require a Party Wall agreement prior to  commencing construction work.