Party Wall Surveyors London

TD-RE are Chartered Party Wall Surveyors operating in London and the South East.  We act for Building and Adjoining Owners in both residential and commercial buildings.

Chartered Party Wall Surveyors London

TD-RE are specialist Party Wall Surveyors in London.   We are regulated and members of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyor,  members of the Pyramus & Thisbe Club which promotes best Party Wall Practices and ISO:9001 Approved.  

TD-RE have almost 20 years experience in dealing with Party Wall matters in London.  Through our extensive experience we ensure the best practical and professional advice is received.

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What is the Party Wall Act?

The Party Wall etc. Act 1996 came into force in England 1 July 1997.  The act was first introduced after the Great Fire of London in 1666.  

The Act provides owners of building and land certain rights and obligations when undertaking works.  The Owner undertaking Party Wall works are legally required to notify their neighbours of the proposed works.   The building owner needs the necessary consent prior to commencing works.

The act aims to prevent neighbour disputes and provide the framework for resolutions.

What is a Party Wall?

This is a shared wall separating two properties known as a ‘Party Wall’ within the meaning of the act. These can also be floors separating flats known as ‘Party Structures’.  Examples of construction works requiring a party wall agreement include:-

  • Underpinning, raising or rebuilding the wall
  • To cut away a chimney breast
  • Cutting into the wall for lead work, DPC etc.
  • Chasing walls or floors for pipework or electrics
  • Installing new steel beams into the wall


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What is a party wall award?

A party wall award is a legal document between the building and adjoining owner.  Below are some typical examples of what may be included within:-

  • Architects drawings
  • Structural engineers drawings and calculations
  • Schedule of condition
  • Method statements
  • Security of expense
  • Insurance documentation
  • Conditions of undertaking the works
  • Costs

What happens once the Party Wall Works are complete?

Once the works are complete the surveyors will inspect the Adjoining Owners property.  They will compare the schedule of condition with the current condition of the property.  Any damages will be noted by the surveyor.

If any damage has been caused by the works these will need to rectify or a financial settlement agreed.

At TD-RE our specialist team can act for Building and Adjoining Owners.  We help ensure it’s a smooth and expedient process for all parties.

Building Owners Guide

Undertaking Construction works, read our helpful guidance notes.

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Adjoining Owners Guide

Has your neighbour served a Party Wall Notice on you, read our guidance notes.

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TD-RE's Personal Approach

If you are due to undertaking building works that fall within the Act and or have received a Party Wall notice, contact one of our team for further assistance.

TD-RE maintain the highest professional standards and all awards are undertaken by a Partner of the Practice.

Frequently asked party wall questions

A schedule of condition records the existing condition of a property.  The schedule forms part of the legal binding Party Wall Award.

Surveyors are normally instructed by each building owner.  The Surveyors will then undertake a independent schedule of condition of the Adjoining Owners Property prior to Party Wall works commencing.  This protects both parties should any damages be caused by the construction work.

Any damages that have been caused can easily be identified by the Surveyors on completion of the works.

The Party wall act is there to prevent disputes between neighbours.  Under certain construction works you will need to notify your neighbour of your intended works.

This will allow for a ‘Party Wall Award’ to be agreed prior to any notifiable works commencing.

No, the Party Wall Act states that any notifiable works require prior approval from their neighbours.  Not all construction works require a Party Wall agreement.  If unsure please contact the team at TD-RE to help.

TD-RE have experianced Surveyors in the following locations:-

  • Party Wall Surveyors in Camden NW1
  • Party Wall Surveyors Westminster W1
  • Party Wall Surveyors in Kings Cross
  • Party Wall Surveyors in Holborn EC1
  • Party Wall Surveyors in Chelsea SW1
  • Party Wall Surveyors in Islington EC
  • Party Wall Surveyors in West end W1
  • Party Walls Surveyors in Richmond KT
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  • Party Wall Surveyors in Southwark SE1
  • Party wall Surveyors The City
  • Party Wall Surveyors in London
  • Party Wall Surveyors Central London

A ‘building owner’ is the person who wants to exercise. the rights. under the act and is undertaking construction works.

Under normal circumstances the surveyors fees will be for paid by the Building Owner.

It can range depending on the construction and complexity of the work.

At TD-RE a Party Wall Award can cost from as little as £850 Plus VAT.  This is. for one Adjoining Owner and us acting as ‘Agreed Surveyor.’

Under the Party Wall Act, the Building owner under normal circumstances is liable to pay for their neighbours surveyors reasonable costs.  The liable fees are only in connection to notifiable party wall works.

Under normal circumstance 2-3 months.  For more complex works it can take a lot longer.

It is advisable to take early professional advise from someone at TD-RE who will assist on time frames.