More often than not, an Adjoining Owner may only become aware of their neighbours  works when a Notice is delivered by post.  An Adjoining Owner can either consent or dissent to the works.   If the Adjoining Owner does not respond to the Notice within 14 days, then the Adjoining Owner is deemed to dissent to the works.

The Party Wall Award is a legally binding document which sets out to both parties to the award, details of the works, how it will be undertaken and normally drawings and details of how the works can be undertaken to cause minimum unnecessary disruption and protect to the Adjoining Owner.

Below are some typical examples of what might be included within a Party Wall Award:-

  • Any access requirements setting out minimum period of notice
  • Working hours
  • Security of expenses
  • Protection required
  • Any security issues addressed by the erection of scaffolding
  • Protection for dust and debris

In normal circumstances you neighbour will be liable for paying the Adjoining Owners Surveyors fees.  The Surveyor should keep a record of their time spent and have the fees agreed between the two Surveyors.

If you have been served notice by your neighbour please contact one of our team.

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