Any property owner undertaking construction works that fall within the Party Wall 1996 Etc. Act are required to notify their neighbours either one or two month prior to works commencing.  This notice period will depend on the type of works being undertaken.  To produce a sign award which enable works to commence after a statutory period can take longer where construction is more complex.

An ‘Adjoining Owner’ would be classed as anyone with a lease hold interested of of 12 months or longer.

At TD-RE we would recommend  speaking with your neighbour prior to serving any notice advising them of the proposed works.

Once the Building Owner has served a Party Wall Notice on the Adjoining Owner, they can either consent of dissent to the works.

Neighbours often start to notice cracks and may mistakenly believe these are new and caused by the works.

If a neighbour dissents to the works, they can either appoint their own Surveyor or appoint the same surveyor Acting for the Building Owner.  This known as an “Approved Surveyor” and they must act juristically.

Once the Awards have been agreed by the surveyors, the works can commence after 4 weeks of the award being signed by the Surveyors.

The Building Owner is responsible for paying their Surveyors fee plus reasonable costs of the Adjoining Owners Surveyor.

If you’re planning on. Undertaking works and would like so advice, please contact one of our team who will be more than happy to help.

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